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Domain Appraisal: RollerBlading.com


Domain Name: RollerBlading.com

Asking Price: Not for sale through SuperNiche.com

Category: Sports

Sub-Category: Inline Skating, Roller Derby, Roller Blading, Rollerblades, Olympic Skating, Roller Sports


Domain Appraisal

Wholesale: $6,945 Discount: $17,362 Market: $34,725 Retail: $69,451+

* We offer a range of prices because it better reflects how domains actually change hands. We ground them in statistics and comps but we acknowledge that circumstances, interest in selling/buying also plays a huge part. Domains typically sell in the discount to market range but some domain owners will sell at wholesale prices if they need quick funds and others that are not looking to actively sell their domains may want significantly more for their domains!

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Domain Analysis

Overview: This is a category defining domain name that has great statistics in the present and has great promise for growth in the future, making it an excellent investment.

Comps: Skateboard.net $29,250(2005), Roller.com $20,000(2011), InlineSkating.com $12,000(2007), InlineSkate.net $7,250(2010), IceSkating.net $7,000(2009), RollerBlades.co $5,000(2011) , Roller.net $3,822(2011), RollerSkates.net $3,500(2010), RollerSkates.co $2,500(2011), RollerBlade.net $1,550(2007)

Commentary:  Inline Skating is often referred to as “Rollerblading” and is a popular past time for health, fun and fitness. With well over thirty million avid rollerbladers buying skates and sporting merchandise a brand like RollerBlading.com could be developed into a very significant online destination for the skating enthusiast.  I think that InlineSkating.com is probably the most relevant domain on the Comps list but I feel like even after factoring in IDNX.com appreciation (about 18k) the domain was purchased at a very heavily discounted price.

Some interesting facts

  • 1991: Rollerblading becomes a $200 million industry.
  • 1997: 29.1 million rollerbladers.
  • Senate, a rollerblading company, sold 750,000 T-shirts in one year during the late 90′s
  • There are currently twenty-three active Skate Patrol organizations in the U.S. Anyone of which would likely find great use for this domain.
  • The International Inline Skating Association boasts over 3,000 professional instructors worldwide who work through local health clubs, recreation centers and YMCA’s, or who teach independently.
In addition the The Federation Internationale de Rollersports (FIRS), which includes inline speed skating, roller figure skating and roller derby, is now vying for a spot in the 2020 Olympic Games for Roller Sports. It will be voted on alongside wakeboard, squash, sport climbing, rollersports, karate and the martial art of wushu in 2013 for 2020 inclusion. With this sport on the short list for access to the olympics this domain will continue to have a very bright upside.
  • Availability:  This domain is not for sale through SuperNiche.com



Google Keyword Stats

Competition: medium

Global Monthly Searches: 301,00

Local (U.S.) Monthly Searches: 110,000

Approximate CPC(Search): $.80


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